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Illusion Iicons

an icon community

Illusion Icons
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>>welcome >>general information
>>about us
illusion_iicons is an icon sharing community for icons (both stock & celebrity), friends only banners, color bars, fan banners, headers, tutorials and layouts.
A lot of my own icons are textless - mainly because I like to make an icon look good using just different coloring techniques, but also because this way you can request whatever text you'd like, or add your own.

All posts are located in the memories. Take our poll/tell us what you want to see here.

>When you take a graphic, leave a comment letting us know. This isn't so we can harass you about credit (though it is required) - we just like to know what people are using
>Comments are love - even if you don't take anything, we love feedback
>Please, please credit. This isn't so we can get all the glory, it's more so that others are directed here
>Upload all images to your own server

>>the makers
modern_illusion Krista
See my examples here

>>>Comment here to be an affiliate
Layout & Graphics by modern_illusion